Sponsored Content Network (SCN)

The BMG Sponsored Content Network utilizes interesting/informational articles that are posted on BMG’s own proprietary, targeted, content websites. Utilizing years of in-house content and response data, these bespoke articles are designed to engage and educate the consumer. Our sponsored content articles take multiple approaches such as founder perspective, testimonials, reviews and comparisons – all geared towards educating and qualifying prospective consumers, to increase conversion on our client’s landing pages.

Over 40 Owned & Operated Blog Sites

Proven Story Templates

Article CTR's of 20% to 40%

Driving Incremental Traffic

We utilize paid social, primarily Facebook/Instagram to drive efficient traffic, at scale, to our SCN all while excluding our client’s existing customers and any site visitors to ensure incrementality of our efforts. While engaging with our SCN, there are CTA buttons within the article driving users to a client’s marketplace for conversion.

Plug & Play Model

We manage every aspect of our Social+SCN campaigns – from developing the sponsored content articles and social ads to buying/optimizing the paid social media. By owning and operating all parts of our funnel, we can use this information to consistently test and iterate messaging or creative rapidly to deliver meaningful insights for our clients.


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