That's What They All Say

Efficient and responsive media buying is the cornerstone of any successful campaign, and most agencies will just tell you their media rates are the best. Fortunately, we’re not like most agencies because we actually put our money where our mouth is by paying for the media ourselves in all of our performances based campaigns.

The BMG Difference

We built BMG on the back of our performance based media platform where we buy media at our own risk, and get paid on a performance metric (cost per call, lead etc.). When you are investing your own money and taking the risk, you pay really close attention to the cost effectiveness and responsiveness of the media you’re buying.

This is the heart of our media buying approach. Regardless of the type of campaign and how we are being compensated, we analyze every dollar we spend to make sure we are always buying the right media at the right price to achieve superior results.

After 15 years in business, we have hundreds of millions of dollars of media and response data at our fingertips. We use our historical data, coupled with current market conditions to continually evolve and optimize our media approach.

BMG Performance Model

While we manage many different kinds of campaigns and media buys, from brand and retail support to appointment setting and everything in between, the foundation of our business remains the BMG Performance Model. Our clients win IN three ways with the BMG Performance Model:


Quality leads generated from superior cash media buys.


Reach your target consumer with no waste locally, regionally or nationally.


Your lead cost is fixed with a predetermined performance metric.


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