After an incredible 15 years in business, we are happy to say we are growing now more than ever! In fact, we have outgrown some things recently that used to work just fine for us like our single shot Keurig machine, our old website and our office space!!

While we’re no strangers to moving and expanding (we moved and renovated 3 times in our last building), our most recent move was the biggest in company history. As our numbers grew and the staff started getting packed in like sardines we began to look for suitable new office space opportunities while still staying in Shelton, CT. It was important for us to find a space that fit all of our professional needs but also had space for us to keep our foosball table :). After months of searching, we finally found the right spot just down the hill from our former office.

Construction on our new office began in August of 2017. With the help of many hands, and only a few semi-serious construction speed bumps along the way, we completed a major build out and moved into our beautiful new space on March 9th, 2018. The new offices have definitely taken some getting used to as we are A LOT more spread out than we were previously, going from 7,500 sq ft to an entire floor and 18,000 sq ft. We are tricked out with all new state-of-the-art technology, plenty of collaboration rooms and three outdoor balconies to enjoy during the warmer months! We even got to put our name on the building!


Our New Space

We have a lot more growth in our future and we are so excited to have the space to do it in our new office at 4 Armstrong Rd 3rd Floor. Our doors are always open!